Thursday, January 27, 2011

photography: embrace the camera - 01.27.11

Here we are. Us three girls. Reese is now 9 weeks old. Crazy how fast time goes by. Ava's being such a good little helper. She has her moments, but for the most part she's doing very well at the whole big sister thing.
I think I need to take more pictures on our bed. That way it actually gets made. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Craft: valentine's day canvas

Valentine's Day? I really need to start decorating. This holiday seemed to just creep up on me. Actually, I don't think I have any Valentine's Day decor. This might be my first.

I did have an idea for an easy, 2 minute project that looks modern and classy. Plus, did I mention it takes 2 minutes? And I already had all of the supplies I needed so it was cheap, too! Can't beat that.
All you need are:
- canvas (I had an 11x14 laying around)
- chipboard letters (mine were pink - - perfect)
- hot glue gun

Just come up with a word that you want to place on your canvas and glue it(or you could tape it to the canvas and use the canvas for other holidays). I glued mine to the bottom right hand corner. And you're done!

I placed mine on the chalkboard canvas that I made. I even scalloped around the edges of the canvas to make it look a little more valentines dayish (don't look too closely at my scallops - - they look like my 2 year old did it).

I'll be posting to the linky parties below.

"What I'm Loving" Wednesday

Before Reese came along, we had pretty much everything we needed to provide for her. Had a ton of clothes from when Ava was a baby and a friend threw me a "diaper shower". So, I didn't really need anything. Although . . . wants. That's another story. All I really wanted was this amazing stroller. Yep. A stroller.

I searched Craigslist for weeks. There was no way I could pay full price. About a month before Reese was born, I found it. We bought it and I'm in love. Mine's an older model but is still amazing. I love you phil & teds!!! (Just make sure you know how to take it down - - so you don't embarass yourself in the parking lot of the San Diego Zoo and have to have your friend try to figure it out for you. )

My girls like it too!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

etsy store update

It's a miracle!! I updated my etsy store . . . with 1 item. I think it'd be perfect for Valentine's Day for your little one (3-6 months) - or any other day in the springtime/summertime. Check it out here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"What I'm Loving" Wednesday

Kathryn Stockett - Book Information
Kathryn Stockett - Book Information

I read this book during the Christmas vacation and couldn't put it down. If you haven't read this book yet, then put it on your list!
It's a fabulous story that follows the lives of three woman (two of them being black maids) in the 1960s in Mississippi. You'll grieve with them in their trials and rejoice with them in their triumphs. I definitely give it 5 stars!!!
Go out and borrow it, check it out, or buy it today!!! You won't regret it.
Oh! And they've made a movie out of it. Comes out in August!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free Valentine's Day Cards

So, I really am back this time. Really. Life just gets in the way sometimes . . . which is a good thing. I have two adorable excuses, though.

I'm very excited to show you what we've been working on in our place. I never posted pictures of our kitchen, but it's almost done and I hope to show you soon. Yes. It's taken awhile to finish.

Also, remember when my hubby put in our hardwood floors? It seems like it was years ago. Time flies. Well, we hadn't put in our baseboards . . . until now!!! They look great (he's almost done). I'm excited to show you how to make your baseboards yourself instead of charging someone a ton of money to do it.

But for today. I found some free Valentines Day cards/bookmark printables. They are so cute and hey. . . they're free!

All you have to do is "like" Florabella Collection on Facebook and then you can download them. Awesome. But hurry. It's only for a limited time.

Happy Tuesday everyone! It's 80 degrees today where I'm at, so we'll be soaking in some sun!