Wednesday, July 27, 2011

:: Pinterest Pretties

:: love the colors of this party. so cute!

Source: None via Amy on Pinterest

:: and this piano? I, someday, so want to do this!

:: cheesecake in a jar. love the tiny jars.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

:: make your own magic shell. awesome.

:: cute and easy.

:: love this idea. the dates you were born, the date you met,
the date you were engaged, and the date you were married.

Source: None via Amy on Pinterest

:: love this quote

What did you pin this week?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thrift store high.

I love buying cute clothes.
But I have a few issues.
1. I have somewhat expensive taste.
2. We're poor law school students who are trying to get by.

My remedy for this?
It works for me.
Possibly for you?
I love thrift store shopping. (in addition to yard sales, craigslist, etc.)
I get natural highs from finding amazing, good deals.
For me, my girls, and my home.
I don't buy everything from the thrift store, but a lot.
Here are a few items I found at my nearest Salvation Army a few weeks back.

:: cute nightgown for Ava - - practically perfect condition

:: Old Navy skirt - - Ava will fit in it next year
:: woman's skirt - - plan on making it into a top for Ava
:: 5T top, but plan to make it into a skirt for Ava
:: down jacket for me - - like new condition
:: silky pj pants for Ava - - like new condition

What great deals have you found?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I just might be crazy.

The hubby and I just signed up for this.
I'm excited, nervous, and already tired just thinking about it.
Time to start training . . . hardcore.
Did I mention that I've never run in any
type of timed race before . . . let alone
with muddy obstacle courses.
What have I done?

And because I dislike posts without pictures,
here's a cute one of little Reese.
Happy Thursday!

:: Pinterest Pretties

A few of my pins from this week.

Gotta love pinterest!

:: I need to find a place that gives away crates. Look at this! So amazing.

:: love this quote

:: rock candy dessert table.

:: water balloon pinata? Why didn't I think of this?

:: I really want to make this cake

:: we have the perfect spot in our backyard. Can't wait.

:: butterfingers with 3 ingredients. Why did I throw out the extra candy corn?!

:: my craft closet isn't nearly as cool

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

:: What I'm Loving

Loving the maxi dress look.
Pair it with a cute little cardigan and you're ready to go.
Here are some of my favs.

Source: via Jordan on Pinterest

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Thursday, July 14, 2011

:: embrace the camera 07.14.11

Embracing the camera photo booth style.
We recently bought a Mac and this is the reason Ava loves it.
She. Loves. It.
If we're out of the room, she'll jump on it.
Even though we do have rules.
She needs to ask first.
But sometimes she likes to overlook that minor detail.
So here, we are. Just the three of us.
Before the hubby came home.
Reese has learned how to give kisses.
So cute, but so slobbery (and of course with an open mouth).
Oh, and Reese loves to pull Ava's hair.
Ava's not a fan.

For your enjoyment . . .

When she's older {like 21}, if she ever gets a facebook account, she's totally
gonna be one of those girls that changes their profile
pic every day.
No doubt.

:: Pinterest Pretties

Here are just some of my pins from this week . . .

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

:: Audrey was one smart lady

Source: None via Tammy on Pinterest

:: I will do this when I have a large tree in the backyard . . . perfect for those nice summer nights

:: storing sheets in their pillowcases? Genius!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

:: need to learn how to do this knot in my hair, so cute

:: next time we move . . .

:: half the time I don't know what are in those freezer storage bags - - perfect for me

:: love, love, love this idea - - this will be going in the girl's yearly books

:: uh, chocolate chip cookies in 90 seconds? Yes, please.

What did you pin this week?