Thursday, July 14, 2011

:: Pinterest Pretties

Here are just some of my pins from this week . . .

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

:: Audrey was one smart lady

Source: None via Tammy on Pinterest

:: I will do this when I have a large tree in the backyard . . . perfect for those nice summer nights

:: storing sheets in their pillowcases? Genius!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

:: need to learn how to do this knot in my hair, so cute

:: next time we move . . .

:: half the time I don't know what are in those freezer storage bags - - perfect for me

:: love, love, love this idea - - this will be going in the girl's yearly books

:: uh, chocolate chip cookies in 90 seconds? Yes, please.

What did you pin this week?


  1. I pinned all of these same things! ;) Can't get enough of pinning my fave ideas/pictures!

  2. I started doing that with my sheets several months ago and it IS genius! Can't remember where I saw it, but I'd like to kiss the person who came up with it.