Tuesday, July 12, 2011

:: family happenings - summer visitors

One thing we love about living in SoCal is that we always
have family wanting to come down to see us {or the beach} during the summer.
Our summers are usually jam packed with visitors almost every weekend.
The past 3 weekends, this is what we've been up to.
And we might have more this weekend (crossing our fingers).
Ava loves digging for sand crabs, jumping the waves, and then rolling in the sand.
Reese has also discovered her love for the sand.
She shoves it in her mouth when her parents aren't being very observant.

So far, our favorite beaches in SoCal are Del Mar and Newport.
{beware: parking is ca-razy! in the summer}
What's your favorite beach in SoCal?
We really need to discover more.


  1. your girls are so adorable! i loved growing up on the beaches in California! the beach brings back memories, especially Pismo Beach.

  2. I had no idea you were in So Cal! I love the Montage beach in Laguna One of our favorites. I am featuring your sweet cookie party tomorrow!