Tuesday, July 5, 2011

question for ya.

So, within the next few months,
we'll be tent camping on a lake.
We are so excited!
Just a little nervous about our 3 year old and 7 month old.
Any suggestions, tips, etc about camping near a lake
with small children?
Anything would be fabulous.


  1. I would start talking about the water with the 3 year old. Get it through that she has to be with you if she wants to go near it. And most importantly not to wander.
    The baby...eh...lot's of wipes and baby "ok" insect repellant.
    It's not much ...hope you have fun!

  2. Glow Sticks. We use them to keep track of the kids at night and for the kids to have a little light at night. We bring the bracelet ones
    ($1 for 15 at Target) and the larger stick ones.

  3. I take my kiddos camping at least once a year and it is not easy but we still seem to have fun. I have 3 little boys under 3 so I know what you mean. My advice is to talk to your 3 year old and tell her not to wonder off to where she can't see you. Another thing I do is we walk around and get a feel for the area. I also put bells on my kids shoes so I can always hear where they are at. At night I do the glow sticks too. For your 6 month old bring a pack and play and lots of toys. Also some like to play in the tent as well but again lots and lots of toys are key. My baby likes pots and pan with the lids. He had a blast playing with them in the pack and play. The idea is to provide your kids with things to do so you don't have to worry about them getting borred and wondering off. Good luck and have fun!