Wednesday, July 6, 2011

:: What I'm Loving

Blogs can be addicting.
I know. I've been addicted to them.
Do I need anymore addictions?
No. No I don't.
So, why was I introduced to this a few months ago?
Addicting. {just to warn you}
Although it may be addicting,
it is a perfect place to "pin" the things you see around the web
onto your "boards".
Loving. it.
No more "bookmarks" for me.
And this is what I'm loving.
Do you pin?


  1. Oh ! I just started pinning and I am totally addicted ! And no I didn't need another addiction/distraction either.
    Enjoy your pinning :)

  2. I pin, although I've slowed down from when I first started. So, in other words, I'm finally getting other things done!

    Stephanie from Make Home Make Sense

  3. oh yeah! I just started and I am loving it...

  4. I LOVE pinterest and could get lost there for DAYS! Loving your blog