Thursday, July 14, 2011

:: embrace the camera 07.14.11

Embracing the camera photo booth style.
We recently bought a Mac and this is the reason Ava loves it.
She. Loves. It.
If we're out of the room, she'll jump on it.
Even though we do have rules.
She needs to ask first.
But sometimes she likes to overlook that minor detail.
So here, we are. Just the three of us.
Before the hubby came home.
Reese has learned how to give kisses.
So cute, but so slobbery (and of course with an open mouth).
Oh, and Reese loves to pull Ava's hair.
Ava's not a fan.

For your enjoyment . . .

When she's older {like 21}, if she ever gets a facebook account, she's totally
gonna be one of those girls that changes their profile
pic every day.
No doubt.


  1. So great! She looks like she's having a blast and loving watching herself. Love it!

  2. Three lovely faces!!! God bless you Amy!!!

  3. such natural pics - gorgeous!