Tuesday, July 12, 2011

:: What I'm Loving

A month or so ago, I finally won my first giveaway.
It was actually a fundraiser/giveaway put on by this amazing blogger friend here.
Anyway. It was awesome. So many
pretty packages arrived in the mail.
I felt like it was my birthday.
But one package I was especially excited for . . .
had this in it.

Love. It.
{and my camera loves it too.}
Check their blog out here.


  1. so glad you love your tote! i love mine and use it almost every day!!

  2. I have wanted that bag for FAR TOO LONG! Congrats! For your first win... it sure was a good one! :)

  3. i have been eyeing this for quite some time so i am a little jealous... i'm happy for you though and love the yellow.

  4. Oh, so jealous. Love this bag. I have also wanted this forever!