Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thrift store high.

I love buying cute clothes.
But I have a few issues.
1. I have somewhat expensive taste.
2. We're poor law school students who are trying to get by.

My remedy for this?
It works for me.
Possibly for you?
I love thrift store shopping. (in addition to yard sales, craigslist, etc.)
I get natural highs from finding amazing, good deals.
For me, my girls, and my home.
I don't buy everything from the thrift store, but a lot.
Here are a few items I found at my nearest Salvation Army a few weeks back.

:: cute nightgown for Ava - - practically perfect condition

:: Old Navy skirt - - Ava will fit in it next year
:: woman's skirt - - plan on making it into a top for Ava
:: 5T top, but plan to make it into a skirt for Ava
:: down jacket for me - - like new condition
:: silky pj pants for Ava - - like new condition

What great deals have you found?


  1. amazing deals! i haven't been thrifting in a while. i don't know why but for some reason i like to do this alone sans hubby and kid. i feel like i can concentrate more on the hunt and find if i'm alone! HA!

  2. Great deals! It's so nice that you can transform the clothes into new pieces! :)