Monday, June 7, 2010

Craft Obsession: Father's Day cloth napkin

I was in a boutique a few months back in Newport Beach and saw the cutest paper napkins for Father's Day. They had printed a tie on the paper napkin. I thought this would be pretty easy to recreate on a cloth napkin, and it was.

Have you seen those baby onesies with the appliqued ties on them? Basically the same concept . . . just on a larger scale.

The supplies you need are:

1. a cloth napkin
2. material for the tie
3. wonder-under (or anything similar - I bought mine at Joanns)

other supplies: sewing machine and iron

1.Have your supplies out and create your pattern. (I used one of my husband's ties)

2. Using the pattern, cut out the material.

3. Following the instructions of wonder-under and attach it to the fabric

4. Iron the fabric/wonder-under onto the cloth napkin (using a damp cloth on top of the material and steam iron)

5. The tie is now attached to the cloth napkin, but to reinforce it, you'll want to just sew a straight line or zigzag stitch around the tie.

And you're done! You just have to give it to your father/husband. (Now really, I'm sure your hubby isn't so messy when he eats that he needs a huge, ole napkin on his chest or maybe he does, but it's a fun idea for Father's Day. ** If I were to do it again, I'd make the tie a little bit shorter)

If you want to add a little personalization, have your kiddos write a special note to him on the cloth napkin using a permanent marker or maybe put their handprints on it.

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  1. How'd you convince Tom to model for you?! Great idea

  2. LOVE this idea. My Dad would not need this..but my Grandpa always tucks a napkin into his shirt. This would be so fun for him. Thanks.

  3. I love that Tommy is your model! Cute idea...

  4. Love it! I'm going to make one for my Dad.

  5. Too Cute!! Tommy looks so happy too ;)