Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"What I'm Loving" Wednesday

Kathryn Stockett - Book Information
Kathryn Stockett - Book Information

I read this book during the Christmas vacation and couldn't put it down. If you haven't read this book yet, then put it on your list!
It's a fabulous story that follows the lives of three woman (two of them being black maids) in the 1960s in Mississippi. You'll grieve with them in their trials and rejoice with them in their triumphs. I definitely give it 5 stars!!!
Go out and borrow it, check it out, or buy it today!!! You won't regret it.
Oh! And they've made a movie out of it. Comes out in August!!!

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  1. Hi Amy. I read your blog whenever I have some time to read a few blogs. I just never take the time to comment. But I had to pop over today. I read this book last year. LOVED it. It was recommended that I listen to the book on cd's. So Raphael and I listened to it on our road trip last summer. LOVED it too! The voices were just perfect. I said when I read it that I wished they'd make a movie or mini series from it. I'm thrilled to hear they have. I hope it's good. ;o)