Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thrift Store Obsession: fabric for cheap

I'm still here. Promise.

Anyway, I'm busy making Easter dresses for my little girls this week.

Why do I always procrastinate?

I don't know.

I shouldn't have.

I've had this material for almost 8 months now.
Don't ya love it?

Guess where I got it at?

Yep, the thrift store.

This bolt of gorgeous fabric was only $3.

Man, I love thrift stores.

Now, I know I always say you'll see the finished product soon and then ya never see it (for example: our kitchen, our coffee table, etc - - need to really work on this)

but, you really will see this finished product by the end of this week.

Easter is on Sunday.

Adios!!!! I need to get sewing!


  1. Amen! I got 7 yards of burlap for $7. That stuff sells for about $7 a yard! I plan to make some curtains for my dining room.

  2. I go to many thrift stores and I never see fabric there. I end up buying clothes to use as the fabric...which is fine and all but would be nice to see and use unused fabric :) What kind of thrift store(s) did you go to?