Monday, June 13, 2011

craft: 10 minute Father's Day gift

Here's a really easy Father's Day gift that your little ones will love to make with you.


- bottle of Root Beer {bought at Target in a six pack for $2.84 - the hubby's been trying to drink them all week long}
- cupcake liner {any color}
- ribbon {I used brown but really wanted to use a navy blue, but going to the craft store, last minute, with two little girls in tow, didn't seem very appealing to me}
- white and blue cardstock

1. Place ribbon around neck of Root Beer and cross. Where it crosses you want to glue with a glue gun.
2. Take the cupcake liner and scrunch it in the middle and then flatten it.
3. I was in the process of making a printable for the writing {world's best POP}, but for some reason, our printer's not working . . . so handwritten it is on white cardstock.
4. The white, circular cardstock glued to dk. blue, circular cardstock - slightly larger. Then glued to middle of flattened cupcake liner.
5. Glue cupcake liner to ribbon {where it crosses}
and you're finished!

He's definitely gonna love this!

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  1. I featured this today over at Sassy Sites for our Father's Day POP post!! Come by and grab a button!

    XOXO!! Marni

  2. Love that it's so easy to make this cute present! Ten minutes is about all I have this week!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. That is a really cute idea, I might need to do this because Orion loves root beer!

  4. LOVE this!! Thanks for linking to my Father's Day gift post!! Would love for you to join my WEEKLY delightfully inspiring Thursday link party !!


  5. Such a cute idea! The grandkids call my dad pop so this would be great for him!

    I'm following you now! I'd love if you followed me back at

  6. Very cute! I like the cupcake liner idea.

  7. Very nice idea! Glad that I found your blog Amy!!!