Thursday, February 16, 2012

:: Embrace the Camera 02.16.12

Yesterday, we'd decided to take Ava out to breakfast for her birthday since the hubby 
needed to leave for school by 7.
So, the plan was to surprise her and wake her up at 5:45 and take her to the nearest breakfast joint.

Unfortunately, she's been having a terrible cough which kept her awake most of the night.
So, she ended up in our bed.
My alarm went off at 5:20 and I told the hubster to wake up.
Ava was, of course, wide awake.
She told me that she was getting up too.
Under normal circumstances, that would not have happend.  
I would have told her to go back to sleep.
But this was different.
Ava was turning 4!
So I told her we had a surprise for her.
She was so excited and told me in an angelic voice, "Oh, I just love birthdays!". 

She absolutely loved it!
Here's her birthday montage I made yesterday.

Love this girl.
Have you been embracing the camera lately?

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  1. How fun! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl :)

  2. Happy Birthday Ava!!! What a beautiful montage.

  3. You made me cry, Amy! That was so cute!!

    What did you use to make this? I want to make a montage for my husband for Fathers Day but I don't know what to use. Thanks!