Thursday, October 11, 2012

:: Embrace the Camera 10.11.12

I haven't embraced the camera in awhile and I was 
quickly reminded about how important it is as I read
this article that has been circulated around facebook/blogland.

No matter how "unpretty" I'm feeling, it's so important 
to have pictures of both me and my children . . . together.
It's not for me, but for them.
One day, I won't be here, and I hope they'd like to see pictures of themselves with me and their daddy.
And although it seems so far off, one day they won't be here with me.
They'll be off raising their own families and these pictures, these memories, I hope
will be of great comfort to me.

So, we were at Disneyland yesterday and although I know I'm not photogenic {at all}
and my roots are like 2 inches long, my hair pulled up into a ponytail, and I'm feeling very unpretty,
my little Ava doesn't care and she just wants to be in the picture with her mama.


  1. That is such a great article! These pictures are great!

  2. ava is the spitting image of you and reese is of your hubby! can't get over how each of them look just like each of you. so cute!!