Thursday, November 1, 2012

:: Embrace the Camera 11.01.12

We had a fun Halloween evening last night!
And Reese gave me the best Halloween gift ever.
She wore the costume I made for her.
{She would scream when we tried to put it on her.
 But really, what's Snow White without the poisoned apple?}
And what a cute poisoned apple she was!
Ava loved being Snow White and she made many comments about
how she looks good with black hair.
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!


  1. LOVE the costumes! Everyone looks so cute, and you, Amy, make a BEAUTIFUL evil queen! :)

  2. What cute costumes! Such a cute idea! I'm glad you had a great night!

  3. that's pretty awesome! love your costumes! did you make all of them?