Wednesday, January 23, 2013

:: DIY - beadboard wallpaper and homemade baseboards

One thing I do love about holidays and family coming into town
is that things on my "honey-do" list actually get done!

We've had this beadboard wallpaper and these baseboards my husband made, up for awhile.
They just were never painted.
And it looks so much better now.
{I posted this two years ago . . . things get done slowly around our place.  :) }

Now on to the rest of the baseboards in our house . . . 

And please excuse our very messy kitchen . . .

So, here is the finished product . . . finally.

I love the beadboard look.
The only thing is, since it is where little feet are it gets scuffed very easily.
But that's life with kids, right?
Can't have everything perfect.

We found these iron corbels years ago at Tai Pan.
We took out the standard wooden ones that came with the house.
And then we spray painted these rusty looking corbels 
so they'd match the knobs and pulls that we placed on our cupboards.

I'm so pleased with how it looks.
And when we finally put up lights, I'll show you the finished kitchen with all the details.