Thursday, April 25, 2013

:: What I'm Loving - baby edition

Although this is my third child, 
I keep on coming across baby items that I end up loving!
Here are just a few . . .

For my first two babies, I used a different bottle.  But they ended up leaking ALL. THE. TIME!
So I found these on clearance at Target, the end of last year hoping that they'd do.
And we love them!

I'd seen these swaddle blankets and decided to try them out.
They're large and lightweight.  Perfect to swaddle your little one in.
And these pacifiers I've used since baby #1.
Love them.

All of these items can be found at Target and/or
What baby items do you love?

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  1. I seem to find something new for each kid and I think as time goes on. Things get better. A few things I love and found it with kiddo #3 is the fresh food feeder. My babies can have fresh fruits and veggies and I don't have to worry about them chocking and they can hold it on their own.

    Also the Munchkin Easy Squeezy Spoo. Makes feedings so much easier.

    I also am really loving the pouch baby food and applesauce packs. It's easy to bring in the car, church or wherever. There is no mess and I feel its much better than fruit snacks.