Friday, June 7, 2013

:: Summer 2013 - our bucket list

 This is the first summer we've done a summer bucket list 
and the girls can't wait to cross off those fun things we have listed.
Here's what we put on our list:
*bbq with friends
*movie in the park
*fly a kite
*baseball game
*water balloon fight
*drive-in movie
*make a sandcastle
*go on a hike
*sell lemonade
*make ice cream
*go on a boat ride
*run through the sprinklers
*go to the library
*make a pie
*s'mores at the cabin
*lanterns at lake powell
*dollar movies
*visit grandparents
*make rootbeer
*livingroom sleepover
*learn how to swim
*picnic lunch
*feed the ducks
*blowing bubbles
*make cookies
*visit a splash park
*make banana pops
*go on a walk
*play at the park
*make a new friend
*have a tea party
*birthday project
*visit a museum
*trampoline picnic
*learn a new game
*pick blueberries
*write a story
*visit pets at petsmart
*go bowling
*watch a parade
*back to school fashion show

What did you put on yours?

1 comment:

  1. love your list, so many fun ideas! wish we had a beach near by to make sand castles