Monday, November 11, 2013


My name is Amy.
And I'm a blogger that definitely needed a break.
I think life just finally got to me.
Three kids, busy supporting my family, 
and waiting for annoying Bar results (for the hubby), which has been very frustrating.
And everyday, I think about this little ole' blog of mine. . .
and how I've neglected it.

I don't know if anyone still reads it.
But if you do, I hope you feel inspired.
Inspired to be a better mother, a better wife, a better crafter, a better seamstress,
a better baker, a better home decorator, etc.

I'm here to stay!
And I hope you come back to see my upcoming posts.


  1. I'm still reading! And always inspired!!

  2. You are so sweet, Haylee! And I'm always inspired by you, too! Wish we lived closer. :(