Friday, December 13, 2013

:: Christmas Tradition - the christmas express

I'd been wanting to start this ever since I found it on Pinterest a few years back.
Then my sister did it last year and I knew that the next Christmas it would be on the to-do list.

We had the girls get ready for bedtime,
but little did they know that we had blankets, bags of popcorn, hot chocolate 
and their daddy and baby brother in the car awaiting them.
As they were getting under their covers they found this golden ticket.
Ava was so excited!
 (Reese didn't really know what was going on - - she just gets excited when Ava does)
I punched their tickets and we were off!
We drove to a neighborhood that syncs their lights to songs on their own radio station.
It was awesome!
Then we drove through the neighborhoods nearby us.
Ava loved it and couldn't believe that we let her stay up until almost 10 (oops).
Reese was out as soon as she had finished her hot chocolate - - maybe she'll enjoy this tradition a little more next year.

Print out the ticket here.


  1. What a brilliant tradition. I'm filing this away for later. Thanks for the idea.