Monday, August 9, 2010

DIY Obsession: reach our goals?

So, our summer has almost come to an end. The hubby goes back to school the middle of August and I'm dreading it. I'm hoping we see him a little more than we did last year. Guess we'll see.

But really. What have we accomplished this summer? You might remember this post here where we had a list of projects at our home. They were piling up. My main goal is to have it all finished by the time baby #2 comes.

1. strip and paint kitchen cabinets - - check!

2. finish painting kitchen - - check!

3. place hardwood floor in kitchen - - check!

4. livingroom carpet and mantel - - not done

5. finish painting master bedroom - - check!

6. place hardwood floor in master bedroom and bathroom - - check!

7. cut and paint baseboards - - check!

8. put up baseboards - - not done yet

We've even finished our front yard, placed palm trees on the side yard, and started working on our backyard! Ava really needs a place to play.

So, I think we've done pretty good. A big thanks the the hubby, though. Couldn't have done it without him. He did most of it.

What projects did you accomplish this summer?


  1. and to come next... photos of all these finished projects?? I'm really eager to see your kitchen!

  2. I am sure it looks awesome. I can't wait to see pics too.

  3. Pretty impressive! You do have a great husband!