Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photography Obsession: Embrace the Camera - Aug. 19

I love taking pictures! Especially those of my family. But recently I've noticed that I really don't have too many photos of me. I'm always behind the camera . . . until now.

Thanks to Emily at 3 boys and a little lady, I realized I wasn't alone. She created "embrace the camera" thursday and every week we can post pictures of us with our kiddos and link it to her blog. I may not be the most photogenic, but I do want my kids to have pictures of us together. I love this idea. So here's my first.

***Please excuse our disheveled appearance.
One reason I love this photo is because Ava's giving me one of her "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" kisses. (if you haven't see the movie, you'll have to. It's one of her favs.)

You want to join us?


  1. ha! we love that movie and totally know what you're talking about. my 3 year old walks around and quotes "i got my EYE on YOU"...good times.

    so glad you joined us this week...darling picture!

  2. haven't seen that movie, but seeing that cute picture of the two of you makes me want to watch it with my kiddos!