Monday, September 6, 2010

Dessert Obsession: Frozen Peach Pie Filling

Hope you're all having a wonderful Labor Day! We'll be going to a BBQ soon, but before we go, just wanted to post about this easy recipe.
Through my church, I was able to get 25 lbs of peaches for only $7.50. Talk about a great deal. They're very yummy. I love peaches and so does this little girl below.

What to do with 25lbs of sweet, yummy goodness. I decided to use half of them and make them into frozen peach pie filling. I checked out the internet for recipes and this one caught my eye. I mean, really. Who doesn't love Paula Dean's recipes?

So I was able to whip out 4 pie fillings while the little one was taking a nap. Not hard at all. Haven't tasted it yet, but can't wait! They'll be perfect in the upcoming cooler months (summer has ended way too soon, don't you agree?).


  1. Seriously...that's what I read while sitting in the airport! I'm so hungry now and all I have is this LAME oatmeal that is supposed to be "perfect" from Starbucks (Jamba Juice is WAY better). Oh and where did I miss the mormon memo about peaches?!? I want peaches. We need to talk more about this at some normal hour!!!

  2. I have done this with apricots - don't know why I haven't thought of doing it with peaches!