Thursday, September 22, 2011

:: Deals - preparing for the coming year

One reason I love the end of each season
is because that means the stores want to get rid of those
items that have been there all season long so
that they now can stock up and have room for the next season's styles.
This is how I buy Ava's clothing.
I usually can't afford the full price,
so I'm always looking for a deal.
I think we might be ready for next year {clothes for Ava}.
And Reese. Well, she gets the hand-me-downs.
Every once in awhile, I like to check out the girl's clothing at JCrew.
I wish I could afford the clothes there, but I can't.
Well, a few weeks ago they had an additional 30%
off all their clearance plus free shipping.
That's amazing!
I was able to get this adorable swimsuit for $13.99.
{No way I'd be paying $50 for a swimsuit for my 3 year old. But $13.99 I can do.}

And this one for $11.99

And they will last so much longer than the ones I usually buy.


  1. crewcuts is my favorite place to shop for Ella, and their sales and quality can't be beat! It's pretty easy to read when they are going to have an additional 30-40% off sale, because they will often advertise "additional markdowns" for their final sale, let that run for the weekend, and THEN do an additional 30% off sale. So, I just got one of those "new items on sale" emails, so I'm guessing yet another 30% off sale is right around the corner.

  2. those suits are adorable!! great job finding a good sale!

  3. Those are so cute and I agree with you. That's what I do too, I wait until everything is really discounted to get what I want. I just got a swimsuit (top and skirt) from for $12 -full price is $80. I am so excited for next summer!!

  4. I love being right :) They just posted their additional 30% sale on both jcrew and jcrew factory. Shop away!