Monday, September 5, 2011

What makes me "feliz".

The other day I did a photo session for a cute little 1 year old.
Adorable, I tell you! She didn't smile at all, but was gorgeous!
I had bunting that said "Feliz Cumpleanos" on it that I'd made
for Ava's 1st Birthday (fiesta style) 2 years ago.
I found it in a bag somewhere in my closet.
{I'm impressed that I knew exactly where it was.}
Anyway, after the shoot, "Cumpleanos" had fallen off.
So now it just read "feliz".
Fitting for my bedroom.
My bedroom makes me happy.
{still not finished, but what's there makes me happy}

I loved it so much that I just kept it up.
And then decided to do a cute photo session with little Reese.

Which then got me thinking how "feliz" I really am.
Now, my life's not perfect. Trust me.
There are many things I struggle with,
but I have also been very blessed.
Here's what makes me "feliz":
my girls make me "feliz"
my husband makes me "feliz"
my religion makes me "feliz"
my house makes me "feliz"
the beach makes me "feliz"
photography makes me "feliz"
chocolate chip cookies make me "feliz"
cafe rio makes me "feliz"
music makes me "feliz"
flexible job makes me "feliz"
pupusas make me "feliz"
this book makes me "feliz"
this country makes me "feliz"
holidays make me "feliz"
creating things makes me "feliz"
my family that live across this country makes me "feliz"
rain makes me "feliz"
pinterest makes me "feliz"
and well, the list could go on and on.
I'll just leave it at this.

What makes you feliz?


  1. right now reading you- makes me feliz!

  2. such cute pictures! she's gorgeous. where did you get the rhomper? it's cute!

    lots of things make me feliz....
    hubby, warm days, my daughter, long weekends, spending time with friends. blogging, your blog....