Thursday, June 7, 2012

::Craft - father's day gift

Father's Day is coming up!
And lucky for you, I have a very easy craft to share.

I've see this pin here and this one here.
Loved them.
I was at Target this morning and saw this cute mug.
Okay, so it's a little small, but it was only $1.50 {the reg. sized mugs were $4} and 
I didn't have time to go to a thrift store.

So I brought it home and had Ava write a note to her daddy on it.
The sharpie, supposedly, won't come off if you bake it for 30 minutes.
{haven't tried washing it yet, but hope it works}

I think this is an awesome idea.
So much better than a note that gets stashed at the bottom of a drawer.
He can drink out of this cup for years to come
and always remember his little 4 year old that loved him so much.
{note:  the sharpie against the mug is very slippery, hence the crazy shaped letters}

I think we might do this every Father's Day.

  Okay, so the sharpie doesn't work.
  It started coming off when I was rubbing it with water (after it baked).
I did a little more research (what I should've done in the first place) and it looks like you need to buy
a black Pebeo Porcelaine Pen in fine point from Michaels or any other craft store.
Hopefully it will work now.
And following these instructions, it says to let it sit for 24 hours
and then bake at 300 for 35 min.

I'll be linking to these parties here.

This was our Father's Day craft last year.

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