Monday, July 2, 2012

:: The Birthday Project

Today is my birthday.
I predict it might be one of my favorites.
I saw this post last year and decided that on my next birthday, I was going to do it.
So here I am.
I'm 32 years old.
I'm old.
And I'm doing The Birthday Project.

Hopefully, within a few days, I'll let you in on all that I was able to do.
32 acts of kindness.
Here we go.

Happy Monday!
Oh, and my birthday wish is that each of you do a Random Act of Kindness (RAK).
If you do, I'd love to know what you did!
{if anyone still reads this besides my mother}


  1. Happy Birthday!! What a great way to celebrate your birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a blessed day.

    Can't wait to see what you do for your 32.

  3. Happy Birthday! I really like that you are always inspiring and are up-lifting. I am doing this for my birthday what a great gift to give others.

    My RAk- I was at the store doing me weekly grocery shopping trip. While my kids helped put the cereal in the cart, I over heard a lady talking about how cheap the cereal was. I told her she can get it cheaper and handed her several coupons. She was so happy but told me she never used a coupon and asked if I could help her get the right things. So glad I could help out this lady save her pennies.

  4. My RAK: I passed out chocolate Tootsie Pops at work in your honor!

  5. Definitely reading, and several of my friends do too. Love your blog!

    Obviously saw this post a bit late, but love doing RAKs too. I celebreate the big 3-0 in January, and will definitely be doing something to celebrate!