Thursday, July 12, 2012

:: Ramblings

Don't worry.  I'm still here.
Just being lazy during the summer.

1 ::  Ava started swimming lessons.  And she's got the hang of it!  Yay!

2 ::  Reese is getting into anything and everything.  If you come to our place and you take your shoes off, watch out, she might be the new owner.  She also has started hitting.  It's hard to put a 20 month old on time out!  (we have a hard time not laughing while doing it)

3 ::  Our garden pretty much died.  After we came home from our week long vacay, the plants were
pretty wilted.  The hubby readjusted everything and it became worse! Everything is dead but the rogue squash plant that started growing in the opposite corner and it's humongous!  I'll have to post a picture soon. (we don't even water it) Some year we'll have an awesome garden!

4 ::  It's hot out here!  Too bad we don't have a swimming pool in our backyard.  We'd be in it every day!

5 ::  Target's beach toys are on clearance.  Last night I went a little crazy!

6 ::  I've been having way too much fun with imovie on my mac.  I'm in the process of making an awesome family video from our cruise we went on.  It's hilarious.  I think my family will like it.

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!  I've already seen "back to school" items at stores.  
That's crazy.  And in a few months we'll be seeing Christmas items going up.
That will be even crazier.

Happy Thursday!

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