Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Books

So, in November, I'd posted this groupon deal here. I've used blurb before and absolutely love it. Every year I make a book from my family blog. I used to scrapbook, but for now this just works for me and doesn't stress me out as much. Well, this deal came and I couldn't pass it up. $20 for a $60 book! Of course. Silly me bought 3 of them. Yep, you heard right. 3!!! Crazy. I know. My goal was to have most of them finished before Reese came. Ha! That didn't happen. Then Christmas came and we were gone for a few weeks and, yep, the blog books hadn't been started.

So, the past month that's pretty much all I'd been working on in the evenings and while the girls were napping. But I finally finished them last week (it's good they had an expiration date or they'd definitely not have been done by now - - although I did just hear that they had extended the date until March. Ugghhh. . . maybe it's better that I didn't know.)

So, they should be coming pretty soon and I can't wait to show you! I love blurb. Check them out here. Oh, and here's the post of my previous blog book here.

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