Friday, February 4, 2011

busy weekend.

We have a busy weekend coming up (which is why there have been a lack of posts ). Little Reese will be blessed this Sunday in our church and so family from both sides will be here. We're very excited to see everyone. Especially little Ava. She can't stop talking about it. Well, that and her birthday party (that I have yet to plan).
So I've been trying to clean up around here, plus working on the many craft projects I have running through my head. I can't wait to finish them all and show you.
But back to the cleaning. I love a clean house. Just don't like what I have to do to get one. So it was slipcover cleaning time.

Slipcover cleaning for me . . . leads to cushion jumping for Ava. She loves it (these pics are from April of last year, but she did the same exact thing and she made forts this time too).

I have a ton to do around the house. And of course instead of cleaning, I'm blogging. Well, have a great weekend! I know we will!

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