Sunday, February 20, 2011

Craft/Sewing: alphabet bean bags

I've been wanting to make Ava some alphabet bean bags for a while now. And after seeing this tutorial here, I decided that I needed to do it. These were going to be christmas presents, but I procrastinated and December became a little too hectic. So I decided to make them for Ava's birthday. I already had all of the fabric, freezer paper, and paint. Awesome.

Thanks to this friend who let me use her cricut, I was able to cut the letters out that way instead of using an exacto knife (way too time consuming - - I learned my lesson after making these). Painted them using brown fabric paint and then putting the beans in and sewing them together.

I think they turned out so cute! And the little missy liked them too (although, for awhile she's just been using them as her "babies", puts them in a bucket, and goes on her way - - silly girl)!

And come back soon! Cause I think I might be doing a giveaway involving a few numbers on bean bags.


  1. These turned out adorable! I need to make some for my 2 year old. I think he'd have a lot of fun with them!
    erica @

  2. Love your blog! I'd love for you to link your projects up here:

  3. So cute indeed. You've done a great job then, knowing that your child liked them a lot.

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  4. What a fun but educational idea! My mind is already thinking of games to teach the alphabet with these. Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Stopping by from Tutorial Tuesday! Love this idea! I think my 2 & 3 year ols would love this too. Thanks for posting the idea.