Tuesday, August 30, 2011

:: family happenings - our summer vacation

So a few weeks back we had a week long vacation
at Lake Powell with family.
It was wonderful!
No work. No school. No phone. No internet.
Just swimming, boating, wakeboarding/tubing, eating,
being lazy on the houseboat, reading, laughing,
swimming, games, karaoke, swimming, and eating some more.
Okay, so it wasn't a "vacation" the whole time.
We did have to make sure our girls were safe
around the water.
And that can be difficult
when you have a fearless 3 year old
and an 8 month old that just decided to start walking.
Yes. I said walking.
And those families with little ones did have to sleep in tents.
It was miserable a few nights - -
with the heat and the crazy wind.
There was one night where I
thought we'd be blown away in our sleep.
Didn't get much sleep that night.
But other than that we had a blast.
We're so grateful to have generous family members
that share their vacations with us.

Isn't Lake Powell beautiful!
Breathtaking views.
Come back tomorrow to see what one of my favorite
evenings at Lake Powell entailed.
What does the movie Tangled and the last season of The Bachelorette
have in common?
You'll find out tomorrow.

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