Monday, August 15, 2011

Swim Teacher Gift

So, you get an idea and you think it's so original.
No one else has done this.
Then you decide to google it.
And, yep, it's been done.
Just like this idea.
I wanted to give Ava's swim instructor something cute.
So I thought I'd bag up 3-4 lbs of swedish fish,
make a cute card that said, "thanks for helping me swim like fish".
Well, I found that my same idea had been done here.
She did hers with goldfish. Cute!
I liked the waves she did on her card, so I decided to do that too.
And, so we go to her last day of swim class.
My friend had brought a lovely package filled with swedish fish.
Good thing the swim teacher likes them (or that's what she said . . . )

Go ahead and save this to your computer so that you can print it
off when swim lessons come around next year!

And guess what?!
Ava's swimming!!!


  1. that's a really cute idea! so glad your girl is swimming!! what a milestone!

  2. That is such a cute idea! What a lovely blog and such beautiful kiddos!