Friday, October 7, 2011

:: Pinterest Pretties - church pews

I'm slightly obsessed right now over church pews.
Weird, huh.
But I have the perfect spot for one in my lovely, little house.
Just waiting to find the church pew with the perfect price.
Those babies are expensive.
Maybe someday.
Enjoy these lovely images of some amazing church pews.
{Oh. And the hubby has no idea of this obsession.
He's probably rolling his eyes as he reads this.}
Anyone else want one?
Don't forget about the DownEast giveaways!
There's one here and here.


  1. Ummm.... YES!! I am slightly obsessed as well, just wish I had a spot for one.

  2. YES YES and YES! I was just on ebay the other day tryimg to find one. Something tells me I'll never find one of these for a "deal."

  3. I had no idea you loved them. I wish I would have known. We seriously just saw one a month or two ago in an antique shop in Boulder City and it was super cheap (possibly $10, but definitely less than $50). It needed some TLC, but it would have been awesome. I was wishing I had some kind of use for it. I will keep a look out!