Wednesday, November 30, 2011

:: Family Happenings - sneaky Ava

We call her sneaky for a reason.
And she totally knows what it means.
She'll often refer to herself as being sneaky.
She knows it.

Well, on Sunday I thought we'd do family pictures.
Self-timer  . . . yep, that means me pushing the button, running, and trying
to get into a good position in 10 seconds.
Never doing that again.
But anyway,
so I push the button, run to my spot
and the camera starts shooting away.
10 in a row.
I had positioned Ava behind the hubbs and I.
Big mistake.
Sneaky little Ava was, yet again, being sneaky.
She thought it was hilarious.
And, well, although it was a little bit frustrating, it was pretty funny.

The picture above is when I knew something sneaky was going on.

Maybe that's why a photographer is needed.
So they make sure the kiddos aren't being so sneaky.


  1. Awww you have such a cute family. Even though she was being sneaky, these turned out great!

  2. ha! she's so cute! even being sneaky she's adorable. and the whole family together, beautiful. the last one is my fave!

  3. I wanna see the pictures that were taken right after you realized what she was doing... Haha.