Thursday, May 31, 2012

:: Crafts - end of school year treats

It was Ava's last day of preschool today.
They had a little program that the parents were able to watch.
Talk about adorable.

I found this cute "end of school year" bag topper
And thank goodness we have a WinCo near us.
That's where we bought the yummy candy (for cheap).
We gave them to each of her classmates.
So, go here to print these free printables!

Oh, and guess what Ava wants to be when she grows up?

A ballerina and a dentist.
{I guess the visit to the dentist's office wasn't a complete failure.}
Although, when I ask her, she always seems to say "a ballerina, a dentist, and a nurse."
Look at my little multi-tasker!

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