Wednesday, May 23, 2012

:: Tasty - freckled lemonade

The other day I opened my fridge and this jug of lemonade was staring at me.
I all of the sudden had flashbacks of when I was pregnant with Reese and we were at Red Robin.
I kept on having refill after refill of the deliciousness they call "freckled lemonade".

Good thing I had some frozen strawberries in my freezer.
I was able to make it right then and there.
Unfortunately, there were little eyes staring at me and my delicious concoction,
 so I had to share.

All you need is lemonade and frozen strawberries.
Let the frozen strawberries thaw in the lemonade for about 10 minutes before drinking.
And then you'll have a tasty freckled lemonade.

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  1. Can I just say the Simple brand it a fav? Looks yummy!