Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
What a special day to celebrate all the amazing women out there.

I first want to say how grateful I am to be a mother.
It's not the most glamorous job, or the most exciting, at times.
You get to wake up multiple times during the night,
 you have to deal with multiple diaper changes during the day, 
have to deal with an endless amount of temper tantrums.
Messy faces, runny noses, ER visits.
Oh and this list could go on and on.
But it truly is an amazing calling.
The rewards far outweigh these tasks.
Like on those nights that I lay down with Ava and she tells me I'm her "best friend".
Or when Reese comes running to me when I come home from work.
It's little things like these that make it all worth it.
I love this job.

Here are a few things the girls made me.

I'm also so grateful to be raised by my amazing mother.
I'm the person I am today, because of her.
And my mother-in-law?
She's a wonderful woman too.
Always so thoughtful.
And she raised an amazing man that does so much for our family.

And for those who haven't been able to have children, or adopt,
or get married and have children. 
 This day is as much for you as it is for me.
I have cried with many that have had miscarriage after miscarriage, 
or have had a child die,
 or have waited months to adopt,
or have experienced the heartache of not being able to find the one to be married to
and because of that, not being able to have the family they've dreamed of.
This day is for you too.
You help teach my children.
You are amazing women/mother's to the children of the world.
We appreciate you!

Happy Mother's Day!

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