Thursday, February 4, 2010

Upcycling Obsession: sleeveless shirt to toddler dress

1/2 hr. upcycle tutorial

So I found this sleeveless top on clearance awhile back. It was sitting in my closet for awhile - - never worn, and then I had an oh so fabulous idea. Why not make this sleeveless top into a dress for my little girl?

So I turned this

into this!

And it was the easiest upcycle to date! All I did was:

try it on her inside out,

pinned under her armpits and pinned the sides,

sewed them up,

and shortened the bottom a little.

-The material on the shoulders (for a woman) became the sleeves (for the child's dress).

-I used a woman's small and it became a dress for a 18-24 month old.

-You'll need to adjust the neckline and make a few stitches there.

(If you want a more detailed tutorial with pictures, let me know. And sorry. I'm not a professional seamstress and probably didn't explain as well as I should have. Let me know if you have questions!)


  1. What a wonderful idea. Can you explain how you did the neckline? I am new to upcycling and this looks so fun to try. Thanks!

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