Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feature and a Giveaway

I'm just a little excited. Today I'm being featured on a new sewing blog: Sew It To Me. Thank you Vanessa for feauturing me as your Sunday Spotlight. I'm very flattered. It's funny. All of those nice things she said about me . . . I was going to say about her! She's awesome. Check out their new blog. So, welcome Sew It To Me readers! I hope you enjoy your stay.

Well for those who have been following my blog, the other day I posted about this pillowcase I found for $1.

I made it into a pillowcase dress and decided to do a giveaway for all of my followers. So . . . if you aren't a follower, just go to the side and sign up!


This giveaway starts Sunday, February 28 @ 2:00pm (PST)

and will end on Tuesday, March 9 @ 2:00pm (PST)

the winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 10 on this blog.

One entry per person. One winner will be chosen randomly. (The winner will need to leave their e-mail address in the comment section so that I can contact that person. If not, a new winner will be chosen.)

All you have to do is:

1. become a follower ( just sign up on the side; if you already are, just let me know)
Easy, right?

This can be a dress for a 2T-3T and probably a cute top for the older kiddos.


  1. Super duper adorable and so so so creative.

    Love it!


  2. congrats on being featured! I follow your blog and am always amazed by the things you come up with. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! I hope I win :)

  3. I am already a follower and actually saved this page because the pillowcase dress is just too darn cute!

    Email is keikimomma at hotmail dot com

  4. Amy - this turned out sooooo cute!

  5. I just became a follower your stuff is so cute!!

    what a small world that you are in my sister new ward! My brother is in the next ward over too. Say hi for me!! If i win just give the dress to Natalie!!

  6. I am most definately sure my 2T needs a cute dress!

  7. I love your blog and all your cute ideas. You have inspired me to think outside of the box. Thanks for all you do.

  8. Am I allowed to enter?

    Can you send the little girl for a visit sometime to if I win? Oh, and I guess we'd like to see mom and dad too!

  9. How beautiful! Hope I win it for my little cupcake. f_laurente at yahoo dot com

  10. Hi Amy - come over to my blog and list your giveaway over there too!

    Cute-y pie little dress - cuter little girl!!

  11. I followed Lynettes blog right over here & I am so glad I did, that is PRECIOUS!

  12. What a cute dress it made! Is the giveaway for the cute little girl too? LOL
    I am a follower.