Thursday, February 4, 2010

Card Obsession: Valentine's Day Card tutorial

So, I was able to complete 6 Valentine's Day cards for a few special grandparents of my little girl. And it didn't take long. (did it while watching a full episode of Martha and a quarter of Oprah) They were super easy to do. It might take a little prep on your part though.
Valentine's Day Tri-fold Card
3 pictures of your little one/ones (edited with text on them or not - - 4x6)
scrapbook paper/cardstock

So, I first took a few snapshots of my little one. They didn't turn out how I had planned. Does anything goes as planned with a 2 year old? Nonetheless, they were cute. I really wanted a picture of her just holding a candy heart that said "I love you" (with the heart in focus). But I tried, and tried. And I couldn't get her cute, chubby, little fingers to hold it how I wanted. This is what I ended up getting:

I went on (because I don't have photoshop) and was able to write a little message and even placed the candy heart in her fingers. Then I printed them out.

For the center of the trifold, I used a solid color scrapbook paper sized 8.5"x4.75". I then folded 0.5" on the top and bottom of that paper (like the pink paper below).

You then want to cut 4 of the patterned papers: 7.5"x 4.75".

Then glue each of the patterned papers to the tabs of the center of the tri-fold. It should now look like this below.

Now it's time to glue on the pictures. You figure out where you want them and glue them on. (I'm also going to leave a spot where she can personalize her own little message - - ok . . scribble it, that is.)

Now you're almost finished! You just need to tie it up with a cute little ribbon. How easy was that!

This will definitely help you get that favorite special grandchild status.


  1. Very cute and I love that you added text to the photo.

  2. Thank you for our card! It is soooooo cute!!!

  3. Amy,
    Beautiful cards! Def. will get us on the fav grandchild list! lol Thanks for joining the party!
    happy crafting,