Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sewing Obsession: pillowcase dresses

The other day I was at a thrift store and found this adorable pillowcase. I love hand sewn, vintage items like this. I have a few emotions: happy cause I found something awesome to use and then I feel a little sad cause this hand-made item that should be passed down from generation to generation . . . is in a thrift store . . . and family pictures in picture frames at thrift stores? That really pulls at my heart strings. Anyway. Enough about my emotions.
So I found this pillowcase and I'm dying to make a cute little pillowcase dress for my little girl out of it. Won't that be cute? And for$1? Come on Spring! Can't you speed it up a little?
A few easy pillowcase tutorials can be found at Freshly Picked by Susan (elastic used) and at A Room Somewhere by Leslie (ribbon used).
**Psst. You don't even have to use a pillowcase. If you have fabric you love use that! I once even made some out of kitchen drapes. (see the pic below)

What else have you made out of a pillowcase?

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  1. You must get that emotion thing from me, because I feel exactly the same way when I see something like your beautiful pillowcase in a thrift store. However, that is also why I have such a hard time parting with things (decluttering)!