Friday, October 1, 2010

Thrift Store/Home Decor Obsession: empty frames

So, how do you feel about empty frames?

{easy living magazine/country living}

{apartment therapy}

{lund photo/mimi charmante}

I absolutely love them!

I had this same idea when I found some frames at the thrift store. I don't think I payed more than $3 for each of them.

1. I first painted them white. (the hubby is getting a little sick of everything being white, I think)

2. I then measured them and layed them out on the floor to see how I liked them.

3. With either newspaper, wrapping paper, or with whatever you have on hand, trace the frames and cut them out. Make sure once you cut them, you place the paper on the back of the frame to figure out where the nail hole is and once you do, with your pen, just poke a hole.

4. Then tape them to your wall. (using a level and the correct measurements of the wall)

5. You're almost done. Since you already know where the nails are going, nail them through the paper and then you can rip the paper down. Just have to hang the frames now.

I do plan on eventually putting up pictures in them (but not the exact size of the frame). And maybe a bench underneath it. This wall has been bare for way too long!

Some other ideas: (found on
•Use an empty frame to highlight a mantelpiece display.
•Elevate a photo tacked to wall by surrounding it with a larger, empty frame.
•Use a cluster of empty frames to draw attention to a wallpapered area.
•A tall, leaning frame can bring height to a low furniture arrangement.
•Use empty frames to offset sculptural objects on the wall.
•Paint frames to bring color to an arrangement.
•String wire between the edges of an empty frame to hang jewelry or other objects.


  1. I love bare frames! I have been wanting to do this but I haven't found any frames that just screamed to me... "take me home, take the art out and paint me to put on your wall!" lol

    Yours look great btw!

  2. I really like this!! Great job!

    PS- I think they look awesome empty! :)

  3. Wow, What an impressive frames you have shared with us. I would like to appreciate you for sharing such an impressive post with us.

  4. Love your inspiration photos and how it turned out in your home!! Glad I stopped by!

  5. Empty frames are a staple in my home-dec arsenal. These look fabulous painted white! And LOVE the brown and mint paint.
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie.
    I hope to see you next week.

  6. I love empty frames as well- you've inspired me to make a trip to the local thrift store!


  7. They look great, and thanks for the eye candy from other sources too. Amazing what a little paint can do to transform thrift store finds. Thanks so much for linking up to Finished for Friday.

  8. I love bare frames too! I am currently collecting frames to finally get my living room wall done! Your wall looks great!