Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"What I'm Loving" Wednesday

What I'm loving today is something that makes me and my little girl so happy. Elated. Something you can't buy in a store. Rain.
Ava and I are suckers for rain. We love it! And this week it's been doing just that, especially today. Rain, rain. Please don't go away. Ava still sorta fits in her rain coat and boots and loves to put them on any chance she gets. Might be almost time to buy new ones. Ohhh. And maybe a cute rain jacket and boots for me too. Then we could puddle jump together.
These are pictures from Dec. 2009. Isn't she a cutie?


  1. Love the matching boots and jacket. She is darling.

  2. cute pictures. I love love love rain. I actually have never heard anyone say that before now:) happy rain day