Friday, October 8, 2010

Decorating Obsession: hanging the wreath

I love to decorate my home for the holidays. I was disappointed that last year I couldn't do much because we were in the middle of putting the hardwood floor in our home AND still unpacking.
So, I'm really excited. Last year I bought this wreath on clearance at Target. It's not super fancy, but it does just say "fall" to me. I love this time of year.
Since we have a very tall front door, I needed a way to make it so it didn't look like it was too high on the door. (I'm weird about things like that.) All I did was get out my stash of muslin fabric and I ripped it (you choose the length and width). Then I tied a knot in it right above the top of the wreath. With a flat head tack, just push or nail it in at the top of the door (the part you don't see). You're done! Now I just have to decorate the rest of the house.


  1. Lovely! It looks wonderful against your blue door!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie.
    I hope to see you next week!

  2. So simple and so perfect. I love this. Thanks for linking up to Finished for Friday.

  3. Beautiful! I love the neutral colors and the simplicity of it!

  4. Using the muslin is a great idea. I just love the simplicity!

  5. It looks so classy! Love Target clearance!