Friday, March 9, 2012

:: 35 before 35 - #10 and #22

So, I completed a few more off of my 35 before 35 list.
I'm on a roll.
Have 30 more to complete.

So seriously.
Every woman needs to make one of these lists.
And then make sure you show it to your man.
Cause he might take you on a Disneyland date . . . just you and him,
and then he just might surprise you and take you to the Blue Bayou.
You've always wanted to eat there.

It might have been one of the funnest dates we've had in a long time.
We arrived around 4:30 and stayed until 10:30.
{I was exhausted - worked early that morning and had to work the next day}
Disneyland is so different when you're without kids.
And I'm proud to say that I didn't step my foot in Fantasyland.
{nothing against Fantasyland, that's just where we spend the majority of the time with the girls,
 it seems like}

Oh, and about the Blue Bayou {the restaurant in Pirates}.
The food was delicious, but was a bit pricey.
I loved the experience, but this might be just a one time thing.