Monday, March 19, 2012

:: Get in Shape - pinterest workouts

In a few months, my family will be going on a cruise to the Cayman Islands/Jamaica.
I'm so excited!
Since I'll be in my swim suit half the time,
it's time to get my body into tip-top shape.
I've been running a lot lately,
especially since I did this and I also signed up for this at the end of April,
but I do need to target certain areas . . .

Here are a few helps I've found on pinterest.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

:: home circuit workout

:: outdoor high intensity workout

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

:: 10 moves for inner thighs

:: 6 moves for the abdominals

:: ways to loose 100 calories in one minute

::  want to try this 99 challenge someday . . . it looks pretty intense.

::  love this

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