Thursday, March 22, 2012

:: Blog Face Lift

I've been doing some changes with this little, ole' blog of mine.
It might take a few weeks to do everything I want to do (maybe a few months, with my track record),
but so far, so good.
I really couldn't stand the other blog header I made a while back.
I made it in picnik and this one I made in Illustrator.
This one I like much better.

And I'm gonna try the 3 columns this time.
Does it look too busy? 
(I do know I need to rearrange a few things here and there)
Or do you like the 2 columns better?
Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Here's a screen shot of the old blog . . . blah.

I've been slowly learning, by taking an Illustrator class (by Alma)
and am currently now taking a Typography class (which I'm loving!) by Melanie.
If you want to learn more, take these classes!
You won't regret it.
I wish I had enough money to take them all!!!

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