Wednesday, March 28, 2012

:: Found on Pinterest - general conference helps

Twice a year, we get to hear the leaders of our church in what we call General Conference.
This happens every April and October.
With our family, we watch on our TV or computer 
and listen to these messages that they've prepared for us.
It's a very special time for us.
And I've become a better person because of these bi-annual conferences.

Since I have little ones, at times it can be difficult to listen.
Here are some activities that I've found that I might use this weekend.

::  coloring pages for toddlers

:: keywords for candy - - they'll really listen with this idea

::  General Conference Tote (can buy the tote from Hobby Lobby)

::  Conference Pennies (pennies for keywords and then they get to buy items
from the conference store)

:: General Conference Bingo

Do you have any traditions/helps that you do?

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